Clarity Coaching


A Simple Misunderstanding

When we're struggling with unhappiness, stress, overwhelm or anxiety it can leave us feeling as though we're stuck and unable to move forward. We might wish that our circumstances were different or we may feel that it must be us that's the problem, and we therefore need to 'work on ourselves' to feel calmer and happier.  
So if this is the solution and there are so many different options out there for 'working on ourselves',  why are so many of us finding life a battle? Why aren't we all deliriously happy and fulfilled? 

Because the way that we see our problems is based on a simple misunderstanding.
This misunderstanding about how we create our moment to moment experience of life is the real cause of our stress, anger, misery, self criticism, worry, anxiety and frustration.



You Don't Need to Be Fixed!

Understanding how our minds really work to create our experience of life transforms the way we see ourselves and our problems. Struggling no longer makes sense and we're free to discover the innate peace of mind, clear thinking, wisdom and happiness that we already have within us.
I guide my clients to see this truth for themselves, and discover that they already have the solutions to their problems. They have simply been looking in the wrong places!


You Are Far More Than You Think!

Exploring the true nature of your own experience of life is probably the most important work you'll ever do.  Imagine what could be possible for you if you didn't need to be afraid of your own experience? Imagine knowing that you are always okay, no matter what you're thinking or feeling in that moment? This may sound like a 'nice idea', but deeply understanding that this is the absolute truth lets you see that you already have all the freedom, wellbeing and happiness that you're looking for. This truth is something I would love to explore with you.