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Clarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching for Unhappiness Stress & Anxiety

When we’re struggling with unhappiness, stress, overwhelm or anxiety it can seem as though we need to battle through life, or that our wellbeing depends on certain conditions that we often can’t control. .

This sense that we’re living life from the ‘outside-in’ can leave us feeling inadequate, powerless, and at the mercy of outside events, circumstances, other people’s behaviour or opinions, our
to-do list, the past, the future, our bank balance, the weather….I’m sure you could add a few more!
But what if we’ve actually got this wrong? What if the true source of our feelings isn’t any of those things, and what if our minds actually work in the exact opposite way, giving us a projection of thought in each moment rather than a direct experience of life? To put it simply, what would change if we knew life was happening through us, not ‘to us’?

Understanding how our minds really work to create our experience of life transforms the way we see ourselves and our problems. If you really knew deep down that you were okay in any moment, and that you didn’t need to resist your feelings or brace yourself against life, struggling would no longer makes sense. Imagine being free to think clearly, to have less thinking in the way and to realise their own innate capacity for resilience and wellbeing.

How can Hypnotherapy Help with Trauma & PTSD? 

I coach my clients to help them explore the nature of their experience so that they can see this truth for themselves – that their minds only work one way, from the inside-out.

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