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Transform your Experience of Labour & Birth

 Would you love to feel positive, calm and focused during labour and birth, but are worried that excessive fear and panic might take over?  You may be feeling anxious because of negative birth stories that you've heard, or maybe you've had a difficult previous birth and you'd like this one to be a completely different experience.
I work with you as an individual to help you to develop flexible coping skills to help you manage pain, fear, exhaustion or overwhelm and guide you to connect deeply with your greatest resource for a positive birth - your own intstinct!   

What you can Expect to Gain from the Course

  • Learn to harness your own strengths and coping strategies for labour & birth
  • Take yourself into a  state of calm relaxation 
  • Tune into your own intuition
  • Develop personalised visualisations to help birth to progress
  • Use and adapt techniques for controlling your perception of pain
  • Learn to detach from the rollercoaster of emotions that can arise during birth 
  • Communicate calmly and effectively with your medical team
  • Feel empowered and confident about your birth and really believe you can do it!

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

The Down to Earth Hypnobirth programme  is designed to help you deal with particular fears that you may have and feel confident about giving birth YOUR way.  This isn't a 'one size fits all' approach; everyone's different so I work with you as an individual to tailor our work to your own needs to help you manage labour and birth your way. By guiding you to understand the nature of how our minds work to create our moment to moment experience, I help you to feel confident that you have everything you need already to cope brilliantly throughout labour, birth and beyond.

Connect with your own Superpowers!

You may not realise it but you have far more strength, focus, resilience and self awareness than you may think, and  you have a powerful inbuilt intelligence available to you at every moment of your labour and birth - your own intuition (or 'instinct'). The Down to Earth Hypnobirth programme helps you to understand and connect with this wisdom  so you can feel calm and empowered to have a really positive experience of bringing your baby into the world.

Location and Prices

I offer the 4-week course both face to face at my clinics in Surbiton and Ashtead, Surrey, and online via Skype or Zoom. The sessions are supported by course materials and bespoke audio mp3 tracks so that you can pracise the techniques in your own time and get the most from our time together.
The full course of 4 hour-long sessions plus materials and downloads costs £249 and your birth partner is welcome to attend at no extra cost. 

Book Now

Call Kathryn on 07522 232501 or send an email for more information and to to enquire about availability.

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