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Transform your Experience of Labour & Birth

Would you love to feel positive, calm and focused during labour and birth, but are worried that excessive fear and panic might take over? You may be feeling anxious because of negative birth stories that you’ve heard, or maybe you’ve had a difficult previous birth and you’d like this one to be a completely different experience.

I work with you as an individual to help you to understand how to harness the power of your own mind and develop flexible coping skills to help you manage pain, fear, exhaustion and overwhelm. As we work together over the 4 sessions, I guide you to connect deeply with your greatest and most reliable resource for a positive birth – your own instinct!

What you can expect to gain from the course…

Harness your own strengths and coping strategies for a calm, confident labour & birth

Learn to take yourself into a state of calm relaxation

Tune into your own intuition

Develop personalised visualisations to help birth to progress

Use and adapt techniques for controlling your perception of pain

Learn to manage the rollercoaster of emotions that can arise during labour

Communicate calmly and effectively with your medical team

Overcome fear, anxiety, worries or negative past experiences and see that you have all you need to have a great experience of labour and birth

underThe The ‘Down to Earth Hypnobirth’ programme is tailor-made to help you overcome any particular fears that you may have and feel confident about giving birth.
Together we’ll create a Hypnobirthing practise that’s tailored to you as an individual – one that’s suited to your own needs, so you can prepare to manage labour and birth in a way that really works for you. The programme combines powerful hypnosis techniques with transformational coaching, so you can begin to explore how your mind creates your experience of labour and what a huge difference understanding this can make for you. 
My aim is to help you to feel prepared and ready to have an empowered, positive experience and to know that you have everything you need already to cope brilliantly throughout labour, birth and beyond.

Location and Cost

I offer the Down to Earth Hypnobirth Programme at my clinic in Headingley, Leeds, UK as well as online via Zoom. The course covers 4 hour-long sessions and the total cost including handouts and mp3 recordings is £249

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