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iHeart – helping young people to understand and connect with their innate mental health

The iHeart Programme is a brand new, revolutionary mental health and wellbeing course for young people which is having incredible results in schools, youth and community groups and more recently in online learning groups.  It takes a very different approach to most other youth wellbeing courses which tend to teach young people how to cope better with their problems.

By contrast, iHeart is preventative and takes students on an interactive, immersive journey to understand what’s really going on when they’re caught up in difficult thoughts and feelings. The aim of the iHeart programme is to help young people to realise that they have innate mental health and resilience within them already.  No person, circumstance or situation can ever take this away from them. 

We focus on the fundamental logic of how the mind works – and how it doesn’t.  Our aim isn’t to tell students how they should see things, but to help them to really see something new for themselves as we look at the question “where do we think our feelings are coming from?”  We then explore the real-life implications of the understanding we’ve explored – in relation to peer pressure, social media, low self-esteem, bullying, school work and exams, anxiety, relationships, stress, addictive behaviours and more.

We encourage our students to get fully involved so that they get the most from the programme, and we provide lots of opportunity for students to ask questions and give feedback on their learning so that together we can look at what is and isn’t making sense for them.  

Crucially, we know that humans learn best when they’re enjoying themselves – so there’s lots of interactive content, activities and even some experiments as we explode some myths and discover how life really works.  What we know beyond doubt is that everyone has far more going for them than they think, and we have everything that we need inside of us already. We don’t ask young people to take our word for it or ‘believe’ us, our aim is for students to realise for themselves that their wellbeing is something they’ve had all along.

April 2020 – FREE Online iHeart Programme

In recognition of the huge emotional challenges that young people are experiencing during the Coronavirus crisis,  I’ve teamed up with my Co- Facilitator Katerina Rose to offer the iHeart programme online , free of charge during April 2020.

We’re opening up spaces for a small online group of up to 10 students aged between 12-15 years old starting on 20th April 2020. We would love to hear from parents and carers who think that this programme might be helpful for their child and we would invite you to get in touch for a conversation in the first instance. We know that this understanding changes lives, and the main requirement we have is that our students come to the course with an open mind and a willingness to get involved, have fun and learn.  Spaces are limited, so if you’re curious to know more please get in touch to arrange a call.

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