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The iHeart course explores a simple, common misunderstanding that underpins all of our struggle and suffering, stress, frustration and anxiety.

iHeart is a revolutionary wellbeing programme that helps young people to understand how their psychological experience works in order to realise their own innate capacity for resilience and wellbeing.

Our felt experience of life is not created by the world around us, but through our minds – what we refer to as the Superpower of Thought. If we think it we feel it. If we think it, it’s our reality. While we may believe that other people, events and circumstances cause our feelings, this is not actually possible.
We focus on the fundamental logic of how the mind works – and how it doesn’t. This leads to a seminal question: Where do we think our feelings are coming from?

My role within the iHeart Programme

As a Facilitator for the iHeart programme I work with schools and community groups to help young people to explore this question for themselves. Over the 10-week programme we look at how life seems to work vs. how it ‘actually’ works, and then explore the real-life implications of what we’ve uncovered – whether that’s peer pressure, social media, low self-esteem, bullying, appreciating difference, anxiety, relationships or anything else that they may be struggling with.

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