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Some Feedback from Previous Clients

“I went to see Kathryn when my partner of 10yrs told me it was over. I had what I though was an idyllic life so this was a desperate attempt to save the relationship.I had struggled for years with any kind of physical relationship as I had a deep and longstanding loathing for the way I looked.  Over the years I had put on 2 stone, hated to be touched and rarely went out – no wonder my partner called it a day! Kathryn helped me to restore the confidence in myself very quickly and we worked incredibly well together – the progress with each session was beyond belief. The therapy didn’t save my relationship – but it saved me!  Thank you Kathryn”

J, Anxiety & Self Esteem client

“When I first went to Kathryn for help with my weight loss, within the first visit I realised how lucky I was to have found her. I have been struggling for years with my weight and did not realise how out of control my eating habits were. Kathryn has helped me to retake control of my life in more ways than I could ever explain. For the first time in a very long time I feel like I am that strong person I used to know so long ago. Kathryn has a special gift with people and I am so pleased that I have had my life changing experience with her”.

C, Weight Loss Client

“Kathryn, I just wanted to stress my gratitude to you, a month since having my last cigarette. A test to the success is today was quite possibly the most stressful day of my life and the mere thought of a cigarette made it worse. I have bored almost everyone with my thoughts on how gifted you are so hopefully you get to help a few of those. Many thanks and all the best”

O, Stop Smoking Client

“I recently came for hypnotherapy sessions with Kathryn, as I was starting to get really nervous about my forthcoming wedding and knew I needed to gain more confidence within myself. I was a little unsure as to what to expect, but from the very first session I found Kathryn to be extremely professional, friendly and reassuring. After four sessions with her, I can honestly say that I no longer have the “fear” I was experiencing and through her sessions I have learnt a lot of techniques to keep me reassured as my big day approaches. As for being hypnotised, it was a very pleasant experience, I was aware of things going on around me at all times and found it very relaxing. I I would highly recommend Kathryn as I am definitely a much more confident person since having hypnotherapy with her, and I’m now looking forward to my wedding day without any nerves”.

S, Confidence Client